Future Thought

The Future! What is your future? How often do you think about the future? Does having children make you more concerned about the future? I know I think and discus the future a lot. It is the last wild unknown frontier!

I find the future to be an amazing and fascinating opportunity both personally and professionally. There are always so many big unanswered questions and yet history plays such a big part in helping us find meaning. In recent times I have had 3 experiences that have led me to the future so I thought I would share them with you.

Take a look and let me know what you think of the future and in particular how your business will play a role. It is crucial that we know and understand how to make the best decisions that will impact our personal, business and community sustainability on a planet that is being inundated by more humans with less natural resources.

My experiences started with meeting Craig Rispin at the Flying Solo Live event in 2010. Craig is a professional futurist and has an amazing knowledge that he calls upon to make sound predictions (for want of a better word) for the future. He came over to the Small Fish stand and began sprouting information about new and innovative ideas on the internet. He literally blew my mind. The pace at which new and exciting topics came from his brain just stopped mine from working. He was an inspiration and I can highly recommend Checking him out.

My 2nd experience was recently on Facebook. Mind turned off, whizzing past all of those nonsense status updates I came across this awesome topic that made me stop and look. The topic was A day made of Glass. This is a fantastic example of how a business is planning for the future and delivers that vision by the fastest growing form of mass media…….YouTube. Check out the video here.

And thirdly, I was sent a website after an excellent lunch discussion with passionate views on what the future holds. My friend Grant provided me an excellent insight into the criticality of businesses getting it right when they plan for meeting the needs of future consumers. Take a look at this excellent example of thinking about the future right now by Siemens.

There you have it. My brief little insight into the future. If you like cars, you will probably have also seen the exciting new concepts at the 81st Geneva Motorshow, very sexy! So, if all of that doesn’t get you thinking about the future, then lets do lunch. I love to meet people that think about it as much as I do. See you in the future.

Simon Thomas

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