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Hello in the blogosphere…Cooee can anyone hear me? Oh and while you’re at it can anyone get HAL to open the pod bay doors? I hear knocking.

Reference for Gen X, Y, and Z

Recently I was sweating away on the Vision Personal Trainers treadmill and “pondering” – as you do at speed 6, incline 15 and age over 50.

After a few minutes of this on a treadmill you look like you are really working hard. After 10 minutes of this you know you are working hard. After 15 minutes you are exhausted, no time for anything but keeping up with the relentless machine, treading steadily upward and never admitting defeat.

The slightly amusing thing is that no matter how well you do on the treadmill nobody is going anywhere.

Business can be a treadmill. Lots of hours and sweat put in, full effort, total commitment. Like my personal trainer (thanks – Greg Moon from Vision Wollongong) in business your valuable advisors and supporters give you new encouragement and enthusiasm to push yourself just that little bit more.

If you know someone who is on this type of treadmill in their business, working this hard but going nowhere, no time for anything and you know they need to step off the treadmill, to work less and get their business travelling somewhere, then Small Fish is the next step. Don’t think it will be easy to get them (or should I be so presumptuous as to suggest “vous”) off the treadmill for even a couple of hours a week. It’s not!

As my friends Rodger Armstrong’s brother said in 1969, it’s

“One Small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” (Reference again)

Seamus O’Brien
– Vicarious Name Dropper from the Treadmill Doctors – A.K.A. Small Fish Business Coaches
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