The Power of Branding – How It Works In Your Trades Business

The Power of Branding for Tradies

I’m sure you know about the power of branding. The idea is that, the more your potential customers see your brand, the more ready they’ll be to pick your business and enquire when they have a need for your services.

Marketing works, in part by repetition and recognition — seeing a business brand more often makes it feel more familiar which makes us more ready to trust it.

When I talk about a brand, what I mean is your logo – your identifiable business name and the little picture and the colours – we’re saying that’s your brand. (Marketers talk about a brand as the logo and what that means to people, right?)

Like for Coca-Cola, it’s the written name and the bottle shape, and colour and it’s happy and beautiful people having a great time. (Coke would like to think their brand is fun or happy, not fat people).

That’s true for you, but you don’t have the money to spend on ‘branding’. You’re a small business and you don’t have money to spend on TV ads with beautiful people, splashing each other.

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Branding For Trades Business

You can brand your assets. You have people and vehicles out in the world doing work in homes and businesses and on building sites.

So brand them all. Put uniforms on your people, get your vehicles signwritten – all of them, even your people who drive their own vehicles, and put signs up outside every job you work on.

Here is a little personal story about how useful branding is for a trade business.

My partner, Michelle, said this to me the other day: “I see those vans for Coughran Electrical  everywhere”. (We were driving past their depot in Billinudgel, near where we live).

Me: “Yes, they’ve got 6 or 8, I think”

“I always call them now”, she said. “I’ve used them a couple of times and I remember them because I keep seeing the vans”.

(I wasn’t even really aware they’d been to our house despite the fact that I work at home and I spoke to them when they were here. Obviously, it wasn’t my job, she called them and I just said, “Hi”).

So Michelle now considers them ‘our’ electricians and she’ll call them next time we need them because she keeps seeing their vans around the place.

So the branding works. I call it Site-Specific Marketing – putting your brand on your people, vehicles and job sites.

It’s not expensive compared to other marketing – you should do it.

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