What the next 3 Shifts Are

Hi again, Jon here (also again). I hope I’m not being too annoying making you wait for the second 3 shifts. It’s partly because I don’t want these videos to bore you by being too long and partly because I think its funny to keep you hanging.

So the first three shifts were marketing and sales and delivery (or operations). Build scalable machines that can grow bigger than your ability to hold each one together and extract yourself from them so you can enjoy yourself.

The other three shifts are:

  • Back office
  • You
  • Your team

OK,back office – the shift is from manual to scalable of course. Currently, there are lots of different systems and lots of paper and you might be trying to do a lot of it yourself or getting your missus to do some of it, perhaps during the evenings or while she juggles kids.

You’ve got systems for quoting (maybe Excel or maybe a proper package) and pricing, project management and job cards, systems for record keeping (paper) and getting paid, doing your accounts and complying with the law.

You can make all this into one beautiful electronic process and you can get other people to manage it for you and it will save you time and money, reduce cock ups and frustrations and make you look more professional too. I’m telling you, you’ll love it.

You – 2 things here. Let’s make you more effective at running your business (selling, marketing, managing everything) so you can make more money right now and so you can make these shifts. I’m talking about time management and your roles (let’s get you off those tools). We’ll shift you from in it to on it.

Your team – manage and lead them properly, shift from antagonistic bossing and getting frustrated when they don’t do it how you’d like to leading a high performing team who want to make it work for you.

OK, there’s your six. That, in a nutshell, is the webinar and the Tradies Toolbox Coaching Program.

The webinar will go deeper and the coaching program will go deeper still with detail and will help you actually make the shifts yourself in your business so you can get the different results you want – more money, more time and more control.

Of course my last point as usual, if you can’t wait for the webinar push the button down there and book yourself a ten-minute chat with me and we’ll talk about whether coaching is the thing for you.

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