The Next Level for Trade Business? What is it and What Happens There?

Hey there, me again Jon from Small Fish Business Coaching.

I want to talk about the “Next Level” for a trades business. It’s a bit like the holy grail of businesses.

Remember we talked about when you’re stuck between the levels, small and big, which is a bit shit. You’re too busy, you’re working too hard, you don’t have enough money, all those frustrations. It looks like this.

TT email image

You want to get out of that shit place and up to the next level. But what’s it like when you get there, when you’re at the next level? Why would you want to get there? What makes the next level so great?

  • Certainty of Work. You can stop worrying. You’ve got a steady flow of leads. You’ve got sales and marketing machines working for you. Leads come in, you convert them. It’s predictable and consistent. No more worrying where the next job is coming from.
  • You can hire more people and grow bigger. You have certainty of work and you can predict how much profit and money you’re going to have. That means you can confidently invest more in hiring more people to do more of the work and grow your business. No more stressing about whether you’ll be able to keep the new guy on (or similar).
  • You can invest in machines and IT. When you’re at the next level you have a financially stable business that allows you to invest in machines and IT. This means you can grow even more.
  • You have systems. Without systems you feel like nothing happens without you having to decide what to do. Systems mean shit is recorded so your people, your employees, don’t need to come and ask you all the time. Your role changes from being the fixer to the strategist, steering your business to the next Next Level.
  • You have good people. At the next level, you’re people are trained, they’re empowered, they’re motivated and they’re well-managed. So they work hard and think for themselves and they want your business to succeed.

And that’s why the Next Level is the Holy Grail of business. It sounds cool right?

Come to the workshop. I’ll help you understand some of the things you need to be doing so you can make it to the Next Level.

You can do it. See you 18th and 19th of September in Byron Bay, it’s a weekend. Beers on Saturday night and thinking and learning during the day and straightforward methodical things for you to do to change your business.

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