What happens when you get your business to the Next Level?

Hey me again Jon from Small Fish Business Coaching.

I’m still liking this idea of the “Next Level” for a trades business. We talked about when you’re stucked between the levels, small and big, which is a bit shit. You’re too busy, you’re working too hard, you don’t have enough money, all those frustrations.

What’s it like when you get there, when you’re at the next level? And I think I’ve got some ideas.

Certainty of Work

I think that when you’re at the next level, you got a lot more certainty of work, you got more flow of leads, and you got those machines, the marketing machines, the sales machine working so that leads come in and you convert them and it kind of a more predictable and consistent way. And I think that would probably be quiet nice.

This means that you can invest in people, hiring more people. You can predict how much profit and money cash you’re going to have around so you can invest more in hiring more people to do more of the work and grow that business. It is an accelerating process so it’s kind of start with the work coming in.

You can invest in machines and IT. Machines and IT to make things flow better and make your marketing do more marketing to grow even more.

You got choices then haven’t you?


You also got systems when you’re at the next level. Things are much more systematized than they were before which means you built strong and flexible systems and written down your processes for how things get done in the business. Which means your people, your employees, don’t need to come and ask you all the time. And I know this massive frustration for people who haven’t kind of done this, who haven’t systematize their business that you feel like nothing happens without you having to decide what to do and that’s a bit shit right, because it means that you going to be the one doing all the thinking and you don’t want that. You want your intelligent capable employees, thinking for themselves in the right way. And that’s what systems are for.

Things run smoothly and your role changes from being the fixer to being like a strategist and deciding what to do next. So again, this is about choices for you.


And the last one is about people. At the next level, you’re people are trained, they’re empowered, they’re motivated and they’re well-managed. So they work hard and think for themselves and they want your business to succeed right. If you lead them properly, they will want you to succeed. So imagine that right?

If you got your certainty at work, systems in place, and you got all people going, yes this is cool, let’s make it work properly. That would be nice wouldn’t it?
Come to the workshop. I’ll help you understand some of the things you need to be doing to achieve that more works into work systems and your people working better for you.

You can do it. See you 18th and 19th of November in Byron Bay, it’s a weekend. Beers on Saturday night and thinking and learning during the day and straightforward methodical things for you to do to change your business.

Learn more about it, read the stuff, and watch the videos. Call me if you need to.

And I’d like to see you here in Byron Bay.

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