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Cash Flow Episodes – Binge Watch them!

Cash flow is so important that we’ve gathered our Cash Flow Series into a single Toolbox Tip for you.

There are 4 videos and you can binge watch them – if you start with number one, you can just keep watching to the end – it’s just like Netflix.

Cash Flow Episode 1: How To Have Better Margins In Your Trades Business

This video is about margins and why they are important not just for profitability, but for cash flow.

Read the full article here.

Cash Flow Episode 2: It’s Important To Know Your Numbers

It’s important to understand and know your numbers – finding and fixing problems early because the sooner you can fix it,  the less you’re going to lose some profit.

Read the full article here.

Cash Flow Episode 3: Drag Your Money In!

Getting paid on time is very important to keep your cash flow healthy. It’s important to  have a system.

Read the full article here.

Cash Flow Episode 4: Managing Cash Flow – Money In Vs Money Out

Here’s how to better manage your cash flow. Use a cash flow forecasting tool to manage your money so you anticipate cash shortages and surpluses and don’t get caught out as much.

Read the full article here.



About the Author

Jon Dale

Jon likes helping business owners and especially owners of trades businesses. Life can be a bit frustrating when you run a business and a trade business can be even more so. Jon reckons this stuff is fixable and that you can fix it by making some fairly simple changes to the way you do things. In fact, he runs a free monthly webinar to help explain the process further of moving your business from manual to scalable.

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