Join our Exclusive Facebook group for Trades Business Owners!

Hi there, it’s Jon!

Today’s Toolbox Tip, of course, is to join the Tradies Business Toolshed. I hope you don’t mind.

Join Facebook Group

It’s a Facebook group. We’ve set it up and it’s for trades business owners who want to grow and scale. It’s where you can:

  • Go and learn about business
  • Ask questions about business
  • Ask specific questions about what you should do in terms of business. You can ask them of me (the business coach) and you can ask them of other people in the group, other trades business owners like yourself, who might have experience that you can leverage.

I think it’s important we remember that we’re not alone in business. There are plenty of other people doing the same sort of stuff that you’re doing. You’re not alone. You shouldn’t be alone. It’s not fun being alone and there’s a lot of joy and reassurance to be found knowing that other people are dealing with the same s**t that you’re dealing with as well.

Join the group. It’s called the Tradies Business Toolshed.

  • Its for tradies
  • It’s for business
  • It’s to help you learn and grow and scale

I’ll try and contribute by putting my material in there. I’ll try to be useful in the group, or try and give useful responses when people ask questions, when you ask your questions. Think of it in terms of:

If you want to know anything about business, or if you want to ask a question about anything business-related, why not join the group?  It doesn’t cost anything. No question is too stupid I promise, or too silly, and no man of not knowing is going to have you embarrassed.

So give it a go, Tradies Business Toolshed. Please come and join it.

See you.

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See you later.

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