Here’s what your employees really cost you

I’m still on the topic of charging enough (I almost never am far away from it – because it’s so important). It’s hard to resist the downward price pressure if you’re not sure whether the pressure is fair or not.

Maybe you’re too expensive. Maybe there’s something you don’t know or don’t understand and you’re out there in the marketplace charging too much.

If you truly understand your costs, you’ve got part of the picture clear – you need to do profitable business, covering your costs and your overheads and making some profit is a necessary part of doing good business. Knowing this and being confident helps you stand up to the bullies.

This series of 3 videos explore the costs involved in hiring tradespeople (Hint: it’s more than the hourly rate you pay them).

True Cost of Employment (For trades Business)

I’m keen to help you truly understand your costs, in particular the costs to you of the people you hire. Tradespeople cost you a lot more than you  think – it’s not just the hourly rate….

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Country’s Top Tradies Earning A Fortune And Living It Up – Really?

This video explores some of the myths that your customers believe about how much you earn – watch it and you’ll be armed and able to explain to them that you and your tradespeople don’t really EARN that kind of money – that stuff isn’t true. You earn fair money but it’s nothing like what they think.

Read the full article here.

The Hidden Costs Of Employing Contractors (vs Employees)

Knowing your costs continued – it’s easy to think that employing contractors, or paying people on their ABN is a way to reduce your costs – but there are hidden costs that you should be aware of.

Read the full article here.

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