Christmas Party – Are You Having One?

It’s an interesting question, isn’t it? Everybody or almost everybody has a Christmas party of sorts – it’s almost compulsory.

But what’s the point, why do we do it? (We’re having one too, an odd Zoom party since we’re scattered across the world. We’ve got me near Byron Bay, Emily here with me visiting, Lindsey in Sydney and Venus and Melca and James over in Davao in the Philippines. We’re even Zooming in Carl from Colorado who’s not an employee but another business coach).

It’s important to think about why you’re doing things, why you’re spending money and time that could be spent elsewhere. If you’re not careful, the Christmas party can be a bit of a chore –  nobody really having fun, just drunken misbehaviour and hangovers and regret. 

Sounds a bit familiar.

I have a point to make, of course.

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Don’t have a party mindlessly. Don’t do anything mindlessly, on autopilot because we always have done that. Always have a reason for whatever you’re doing. Think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

So do everything with a purpose. You have a plan written down (if you don’t, book in with me and we’ll make you one) – everything you do should be taking you towards the goal written in your plan. Everything you do should be in support of your plan.

What’s the purpose of a Christmas Party?

I’m going to suggest a purpose: 

  • To bring you all closer together;
  • To contribute to a better culture in your business.

That’s a great reason to have a Christmas party, isn’t it?

To reward everyone for working hard all year? That’s not bad either.

A party can do both of those things.

So how do you have a party with a purpose? I think it’s about planning what to do – what activities there are. It’s about controlling events a bit. (It’s about food definitely).

Rather than just some beers at the pub or some beers and pizza at the office or the shed, consider inviting partners and kids and consider some games.

Eating together breaks down barriers and playing games does something similar. I don’t really care what games. Team building games where people have to work together to achieve an objective are good –  they bring people together.

And if you’re thinking this all sounds like a bit of a wank and the thought of games makes you feel a bit awkward, man up. You’re running a business and you have ambitions. Do the things.

That was a free business coaching from me, Jonny Dale. Merry Christmas!

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