Tradies, Have You Ever Been Ghosted?


Have you ever been ghosted? It’s a term usually used in dating especially online dating where you think it’s going well and then they vanish. 

It’s never happened to me, probably because I’ve been with Michelle since before Tinder but a friend of mine has had it happen recently and it left him second-guessing himself a bit – ‘was it something I said?’ 

But you can get ghosted in business too, can’t you? 

I bet you’ve been asked to give someone a quote and you’ve done it because you’re nice and then… nothing. You’ve been ghosted. No calls, they don’t answer your calls and they don’t call you back. Gone.

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I get ghosted sometimes – someone enquires, we speak, they go through my sales process and we agreed they’ll give me their decision by a certain date and …  nothing. They don’t call like they said they would. They don’t take my calls, and they don’t call back. Gone.

It’s frustrating. It’s rude. You start to wonder what the f*ck is going on – everything seemed 

fine, they agreed to give you a decision and we’ve all agreed that ‘no’ is acceptable.

 Surely it’s not that hard to call a say ‘I’ve decided not to do it’ or ‘My partner won’t let me spend the money’ or ‘I think you’re a sh*t business coach’ or whatever. 

Just like it should be ok for your customer to call and say ‘We’ve gone with someone cheaper’ or ‘We thought the other guy would do a better job’ or ‘your lender was unsuccessful’ or whatever. 

What can you do about it? 

A couple of things. 

In my sales process, we agree at the beginning of the process to make a decision. We repeat that commitment at the beginning of the Strategy Session and again at the end when we confirm exactly when we’ll speak again so they can tell me Yes or No.

People like to do what they said they were going to do – we like to be consistent with a commitment we’ve made. Most people give me a decision when they said they would.

 So you should put this into your sales process. Systematise your sales process and make the decision and communication of it an overt and agreed part of it, rather than agreeing to send a quote and learning it there.

 You might think they owe you a decision, but they might not – it’s not clear and they certainly didn’t make a commitment.

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