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Tradies – Who Is Your Target Market?


Target market for trades businesses.

Who’s your target market?

Knowing who your target market is important, isn’t it?

You need to know so you decide where to spend your marketing money because you can’t spend it everywhere and you can’t appeal to everyone. You need to decide and focus.

You may have heard me use that word before. It’s important.

Just so we’re clear, what I’m talking about here is in your marketing – what type of customer you’re trying to attract. That’s not the same as me suggesting that if someone rings up and asks you to do a quote for something that isn’t your main thing, you have to refuse it. You don’t.

But, I’m talking about what kind of customer you’re trying to attract with your marketing time or marketing money. It’s important for determining how you do your marketing.

That’s important for you and it’s important for your customers too. You can’t be everything to everybody. You’ve got to be something specific to some people or you end up being nothing to nobody and that’s no good at all.

“We do everything” doesn’t persuade anybody. People need to know quickly if you do what they need to do. And they need to know if you’re any good at it and if you do it for people like them.

“We’re good at everything,” doesn’t really cut it either, does it? Even “We do all types of building” or “All types of plumbing” doesn’t really cut it. It’s not powerful and it’s not persuasive.

I’ll give you an example.

‘Builder – no job too big or small,’  he says he can do everything. You might think that’s good and reassuring. It might be true, even.

But if I’m building a luxury architect-designed house, I want a builder who builds luxury architect-designed houses and I’m not going to call that guy who can do anything big or small.

It’s common for trades business owners to not rule anybody out. It feels like you’re losing potent